Watch The Smurfs 2 New TV Spot

Sony Pictures Animation has launched a new TV spot for its future The Smurfs 2 and you can watch this smurfs 2 below!

In the This July 31 follow up, the wicked expert Gargamel makes a number of naughty Smurf-like animals known as the Naughties that he desires will let him utilize the all-powerful, wonderful Smurf-essence. But when he finds that only a actual Smurf can provide him what he wants, and only a key magic that Smurfette knows can convert the Naughties into actual Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and delivers her to London, where he has been successful the appreciation of large numbers as the biggest magician. It's up to Dad, Awkward, Grouchy, and Mirror to come back to our time, get in touch with their individual buddies Meat and Elegance Winslow, and save her! Will Smurfette, who has always sensed different from the other Smurfs, discover a new relationship with the Naughties Vexy and Hackus – or will the Smurfs persuade her that their really like for her is Real Blue?

Returning stars are Neil Meat Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, with Katy Perry as Smurfette and Hank Azaria as Gargamel. Brendan Gleeson connects the cast as Victor. Becoming a member of the speech throw are Christina Ricci and JB Smoove as Vexy and Hackus.

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